Ep. 9: Chris of Health Is Wealth Nation: Smart Fitness and Nutrition Empowers Entrepreneurs

Ep. 9: Chris of Health Is Wealth Nation: Smart Fitness and Nutrition Empowers Entrepreneurs

We all understand it takes hustle and grind to get the job done. It should never come at the expense of our health and wellness. Not physical and not mental. Besides, when your body’s at its best, so is your performance. To close the deals and get the checks you gotta work smart and think quick. Proper fitness and nutrition can help you do that. 

Press play on the next podcast episode to get the breakdown from Christopher Ray Coleman. The corporate wellness expert discusses life as an entrepreneur, being an author and living your best life with smart fitness and nutrition habits. 

About Chris:

Christopher Ray Coleman is an author, entrepreneur, and artist. He’s the author of “The 180 Effect” and Founder of Health Is Wealth Nation. Chris has devoted his life to empowering others to turn their life around like he did his, and has a lofty goal of changing the state of health in the south with his corporate wellness consulting agency and team of wellness coaches.

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A Straight and Narrow Background Created Future Challenges

Danielle: Welcome back for another episode of Dreamer’s Den Podcast. I am Danielle Towner, and today we have with us Christopher Ray Coleman. He is an accomplished entrepreneur. He’s an author, a corporate wellness consultant and he’s the founder of Health is Wealth Nation. So, today he’s going to be giving us some insight into his journey and also into the ups and downs of entrepreneurship. And also how wellness and your health, your fitness, your nutrition play a huge role in that. So, welcome Chris.

Chris: Hey. Thanks for having me. I appreciate the opportunity.

Danielle: Thank you for coming on and you know, it’s a pleasure.

Chris: Oh, yeah.

Chris: Okay. I was born and raised here, in Mobile. I’m 28 years old and growing up, I grew up in a single parent household. I grew up Catholic. Everything was done by the book. I’m still Catholic, but back then everything was just going to church all the time. Not really taking control of things, but kind of just crossing your fingers hoping and praying things change and doing things by the book. Making sure your T’s are crossed, your eyes are dotted. Doing good in school and getting a job and retiring and then, you’ll be okay. But once I graduated high school and went to college for a year, and I got into the real world, I saw that was not the case.

I wasn’t prepared for the real world and I didn’t have the tools, nor the skills that I needed. At this time, it was like 2009, 2010. It was a huge wave and just destruction and disruption of what the traditional ways of life were with social media and the internet becoming huge. So, I was just lost and it really had me at a down place. I didn’t have a dad or grandpa to help me out or that left me anything. I just got to the point where like, “I’m gonna change this. I’m gonna make sure that my family in the future doesn’t have to go through what I go through.” And also, I want to make sure just people around the world or whoever hears my story can be encouraged that they won’t find themselves in this position. And since then, I’ve had a fire lit within that just kept me going.

Danielle: Awesome! And I can definitely, like, we’re on the same page. Because I grew up, like, have that church background and I grew up in the church and I was kind of sheltered as a child and. Like you said, when you get out there, it’s good in certain ways with your ethics and the way that you’re supposed to treat people. But just having that grit and some of that preparation that you need in other ways, it kind of holds you back at time. So, I can definitely relate to that.

Chris: Yep.

Chris of Health Is Wealth Nation: Smart Fitness and Nutrition Empowers Entrepreneurs

Changing Lives Through Health is Wealth Nation (HIWN)

Danielle: So, let’s hear some more, well hear about Health Is Wealth Nation. What is that about?

Chris: Yeah. Health Is Wealth Nation. Right now, it’s a corporate wellness consulting agency. And we have some huge plans to change the state of health in the south. And it’s a very lofty goal, but it’s been my goal for the longest to change the obesity epidemic and the chronic illness epidemic going on here in the south. And yeah, we just always had a goal of just changing the way people look at health. And since I grew up as an athlete.

That’s another part of my story. I grew up an athlete. Always was in shape or what not, but once I became a district manager at the old company I was with at the age of 23 — I was working a lot of hours in the office, like 15-16 hour office days. Training, recruiting, developing, making phone calls and it took a toll on me. It took a toll because I had the working out part, but I didn’t have the nutrition, health and wellness part. And as soon as I started my nutrition program, my sales went through the roof, my recruiting went through the roof, everything changed because I now had the energy.

I now had the mental clarity to get things done in the office instead of being sluggish and dehydrated and being sick because my immune system was low because I didn’t have nutrition. So, that was another part. I saw how it changed my business when I was 23-24  a district manager. But that’s my foundation as an entrepreneur.

So once I got into being a health coach, wellness coach, I was like, you know what? I’m going to really target entrepreneurs and business owners and I’m really starting to target – with our consulting agency getting into wellness for small businesses. Because I’ve always said healthier lifelines lead to healthier bottom lines. And a lot of times entrepreneurs, we always want to put our health on the back burner to pursue wealth, but it’s actually the other way around.

Being healthy having energy, just having that life within you will actually fuel you to accumulate wealth. So, that’s really it. Health is Wealth Nation started as a slogan “health is wealth”. I always saw people just work really hard to get all this money. The next thing you know they’ve gotta spend it on doctor bills or spend it on surgeries. Or their family has to bury them because they worked themselves into the ground, literally.

So, health is wealth has always been a phrase for me. And, now that’s the name of the company, Health is Wealth Nation. And right now it’s just a corporate wellness agency, but down the line we’ll have meal prep companies, apparel lines. We have our foundation with Herbalife distributorships and have distributors up under us and now organizations.

So, it’s gonna be a huge brand and this ecosystem that can one day, it may even be 2030, but I guarantee you we are going to change the state of health here in the south.

How Good Fitness and Nutrition Habits Influences Business Success

Danielle: Cool. I love it. I love it. And it makes sense why they call it brain food or brain power. And you kind of touched on what I was gonna ask you next too with how maintaining a good fitness and nutrition regimen contribute to business success.

Chris: Yeah, right. I can talk about it all day. Like I said, I grew up an athlete so I always had that part down pat. It comes with time, especially as we get older, it comes with time where like our nutrition like — food is nothing but data for the body. So, just like a computer has certain codes and data it needs to operate properly, it’s the same with our bodies. We need that nutrition.

And I was ignorant and oblivious to it for the longest, but once I saw the benefits of it, I was able to make calls. My dials per minute with making calls, with recruiting was like two and three and four. My training seminar got so much life and I’m not dehydrated. My mouth isn’t getting dry like it used to. Just so many things changed because I focus on my nutrition with my business.

And also, it made me more attractive as well. When you’re running a business, a lot of recruiting and getting people on your team, a lot of what they see isn’t verbal. When people want to jump on your bus and be a part of your vision, it’s a lot of what they see and not what they hear. So, if they see that you don’t have energy, you’re cranky, you’re hangry, they don’t want to be a part of that.

Danielle: [laughter]

Chris: So, that was another thing. People just saw that I was full of life and just energized and I was already built and had muscles. They just saw my energy went to another level and they said “I don’t know what this guy is on, but I want to be a part of it. I like this.” So, that’s another part with your business as well. Of course, all of the making calls and closing deals, and making sales, that’s great too. But people don’t realize when it comes to recruiting and getting people on your bus. A lot of times, we can do it by ourselves or if we get that right person on our team, it can scale us to another level so that really helped my business as well.

Danielle: Awesome, great. That’s good to hear, because like you said, a lot of people do neglect that or they get so busy that they’re taking care of everyone else, but not themselves. And even as a mompreneur or a parent and a business owner, you have to take care of yourself to be able to take care of your family.

Chris: Right.

Danielle: So, that makes a lot of sense as well. So, I hope people will take heed to it, like you said, before it becomes a huge health issue.

Chris: Um-hm. Right.

The Journey of Being an Author and Future Projects in the Works

Danielle: Now, let’s talk about books for a minute. A lot of people say they’re writing books. A lot of people are writing books and a lot of people say they are writing books, but it’s more like a coloring book.


But you wrote two books. You really wrote two books. You wrote two great books. And you have them out there now. They’re the first and second editions of “The 180 Effect”.

Chris: Yep.

Danielle: And that’s the shortened name, but you can give the full name of it. What prompted your desire to be an author and how did you make it happen. Because there are some people who have a book inside of them, but for some reason they haven’t put it out there. Or maybe they’re just unsure of how, so lay out some of those steps for us.

Chris: Right. Yeah. Well, yeah, I’m the author of the “180 Effect”, and the full title — which, by the way was complete SEO purposes for search engine optimization. But the full title was, “The 180 Effect: Homeless to Business Owner Engulfed in Entrepreneurship and Learning that Health is Wealth from One Decision”.

And it goes through three phases, which is the 180 Effect process and cycle. It’s also a mindset that the first phase is growth, so you gotta grow and going through growing pains in the beginning after you make a huge decision. The second phase is groom, so after you go through the growing phased, you gotta groom the skills, get the reps in, do the monotonous stuff every day to build your graph.

And then, after so long, then you’ll step into that process of being great where it just comes as second nature. You’re being copied, you’re being consulted. Things just click. Then, you’re going to make another decision like “now, I want to grow again. Now I want to go to the next level.” Well, making that new decision is going to bring you right back to the beginning.

So, that’s where I found myself in 2013. I found myself homeless, sleeping out of my car and went through a ton of growing pains and started a sales job, really out of desperation. But I saw how it could change my life because it was the last thing I wanted to do in life was sell. I couldn’t talk or say anything to somebody, so I knew it was something I had to do. So, there were some growing pains I went through.

And then, 2014, when I got promoted to district manager after 9 months of being in a sales job. When I got promoted to district manager, moved 6 and a half hours away from home to Florence, Alabama and I started a headquarter from scratch. It was the first time a district headquarter had ever been in that territory. And in 18 months, we did right over six figures, and I recruited 150 sales reps on my salesforce. So, but in 2014 when I first started, I was like “alright now I’m in the growing phases”. I was saying the same recruiting pitch everyday, same interview, developing. Like, it was monotonous, but it was something I had to do to finally reach that level of greatness in 2015. We broke some records for how long we’ve been open and just really did some special things in that community. So, that’s the phases of “The 180 Effect”. And that’s what I talk about in my book.

And when it comes to what prompted me to write a book, I’ve always been a writer ever since I was young. Even when I was nine, I used to be a rapper.

Danielle: [laughter]

Chris: I had all kinds of rap names. It’s ridiculous, but I always been writing poetry. I grew up in a house full of women, so it wasn’t a lot of talking. I couldn’t get a lot of words in.

Danielle: Oh. Yeah.


Chris: I was always to myself just writing. Just writing. I didn’t have a journal or diary. I was too manly to say that at that time, so I just had my book. Just writing stuff down, and yeah. That’s just the medium that I attract to the motion. Some people are great with voice, some people are great in front of a video. But me, I’m a writer. I wrote the first edition — I wrote it in under a week.

Danielle: Wow.

Chris: Which tells by some of the typos and grammatical errors in it. But one thing I learned from a mentor I follow is they call it best-selling for a reason, not best-written. So I really was like, “alright, I just need to get this thing out there”. You look at your  iPhone, they don’t wait until the iPhone is perfect. They sell it to you and they upgrade the bugs and the software later on.

Danielle: Right.

Chris: So, that’s basically the same thing I did with my book. And the second edition, I paid to get a better looking cover. I edited it, just a little bit but not too much because it’s never going to be perfect. There’s no such thing as a perfect book because even after I published it, I was like, “Dang! I could’ve put that in there and I could’ve… Man, I could’ve touched on this concept a little bit more.”

Danielle: Yeah. [laughter]

Chris: So, it’s never going to be perfect, so you just gotta get it out there. But yeah, I’ve always wanted to write books. I saw a lot of my mentors writing books. And it’s really simple. I always say, as easy as it is to get your initials on a thermal, on a cup, that’s about as easy as it is to get your book published. It’s 2019, so going on Amazon, self-publishing it, it’s really that simple. It’s just plug and click, input information, attached file and, BOOM!. You’re a published author.

The hard part is selling the book. So, that’s one big thing I want to get across to writers and authors. A lot of times– and I’m an artist myself. That’s probably why I saw at sales at first because I’m the same way. But my foundation being in marketing and advertising and running organizations, I kind of got that part down now. So, the things I want to do, I’m able to execute now. But most authors, most creators, they’re artists. They don’t want to talk to people.

Danielle: Right. [laughter]

Chris: They’re kind of introverted. They’re like, “aw man, I gotta sale. I gotta talk to someone so they can buy it? I just want to write it and somebody else do it.” So, that’s a lot of times where it’s the hard part in how do I get published. But they’re thinking about how do I get somebody else to print this and they do all the work of selling it.

Danielle: Right.

Chris: Marketing and advertising, but me. I’m like, “aw man, I just gotta put it on Amazon and they take care of all the printing and publishing and I just gotta sell it? Cool. Alright”

Chris: So, that’s a big perspective shift some authors and creatives and writers need to have. If you’re fortunate enough where you have a publishing companies that says, “Hey, we love your concept. We wanna pick up your book and publish it and market it.”. Then everything’s cool, but don’t let that be the reason you won’t put your book out.

Even with me, I never did a big publishing deal and I’m still going to be fine. I’m still going to be able to publish my books like I want to and market and sale them like I want to. So, that’s the main thing, you just gotta — some people, they just got to get over that. And also think who better to sell your book than you? The person that wrote it. It’s your baby. So, a lot of times, you’re in the perfect situation where everything’s on you and that’s — in 2013, that’s really when life changed because I was in that position where I was homeless and going through so many things like’ “Man, finally in life everything’s on me. I’m not blaming my mom, I’m not blaming my family, my government. Now everything’s on Chris and of everything’s on me, I’m gonna succeed no matter what.”

So, a lot of times, if you’re a writer and an author, you just need that fire put up under you.

Danielle: Right. You were really broad and really raw in your real and honest in your book and I like how it started off with your poetry in the beginning of each chapter. I also like how you put those action steps at the end. So, it’s like okay don’t just read this and say it’s a good book. Do something about it and take the next steps. Learn from what I’m putting in front of you. So, I appreciated that.

Chris: I appreciate that. I’m glad you did. I never wanted the book to be like somebody read it and then close it like, “Man, that was a good book.”

Danielle: [laughter]

Chris: And they go about their regularly scheduled program. I wanted to really change people. Like, one of my favorite quotes is from Jim Rohn. He says “motivation isn’t enough. If you take an idiot and motivate him, now all you have is a motivated idiot.” So a lot of times motivation, it can be cool but at a certain point, there are some things you actually need to do. There are some actions you actually need to put in. So, I made that a big part of the book. Get some action steps. Learn, be inspired by my road and my journey, but make sure you put some action steps in and apply it to your life and change your own life.

Danielle: Right. So, very good. Now, so you have any other projects you want to share that’s in the works right now?

Chris: Yeah. I’m actually working on another book. And this will will be like another edition of the book, but my new book is called “The Chronicles of Growth Addict”. And I’ve just noticed over the years that’s, that just encompasses me. I’m truly a growth addict. I’m just addicted to growth. Certain decisions I make may not make sense to the normal socialized person, but I’m going to make the decision so I can grow and get ahead and grow in the long term.

I’m allergic to average and just people that think small.

Danielle: Right.

Chris: I’m just addicted to growth. And the first book, “The 180 Effect” was really just a chronicle itself. It went through my years 2013, 2014, and 2015. So this book is going to basically pick up where it left off. Because a lot of people think, “Oh, it’s a rags to riches story. You just went from homeless and now you’re doing great” I’m like “Eh nah” Life is still happening. Life’s still going on. That’s one thing I will say is life is fair because it’s unfair to us all. It’s still,  it’s going — and also, I’m still being processed. So my goal, my vision — to whomever you believe in, but I really believe that God is pushing me like “Alright Chris, you want these goals. You want this influence in the future. I gotta test you right now to see how bad you really want it.

Danielle: Right.

Chris: So, the next book is really going to chronicle everything I went through after shutting down my district headquarters, going all in with Health is Wealth Nation. Dealing with naysayers, dealing with taking a haircut. I went from being a distributor to being a district manager to now being a health coach and having to start from scratch. Having to learn new processes and scripts. So, it really goes through that. And also, with being a growth addict, it’s basically going through the cycle again. Growing, grooming and finally being in that level of greatness. So, it still has that philosophy of the “180 Effect”. If you think I was raw and honest in the first book, in this book I don’t hold anything back.

Danielle: [laughter]

Chris: If anybody had this great picture of me before, then I’m tearing all that down in this book. And actually, I say this book is kind of the artist in me. Like, this is the book the artist in me would write. Like I just have to write and have to get some things out. So, the book before was like the business. It was a tool I used to build and become an author. Become a celebrity or authority figure in a certain space. But this book, it’s just in me. Like, I just gotta get this stuff out so it will be pretty cool. Going forward, I think I have that kind of clarity now where I’ll do a lot of things with my personal brand. That’s what I do to live and make a living — so my artist can live, my artistry can be out there into the world. And then, I’ll do a lot of things with my business brand, Health is Wealth Nation and other things in the future. And that will be where I’ll build. Build an empire and do a bunch of things business wise, so I’ll have that duality going forward. But right now, that’s what’s up next. “The Chronicles of a Growth Addict”. A lot of speaking  gigs with my corporate wellness consulting and at conferences and at realtor brokerages and their teams, so I’m in that grooming stage right now.

So, I’m just the same old-same old everyday with writing a book and doing what I can to spread the wealth of health with my corporate wellness.

Danielle: Well,  that’s good. And as entrepreneurs, we should all be in that grooming phase over and over again, learning something new everyday and true entrepreneurs are always starting things.

Chris: Right.

Danielle; So, you’re going to have those ups and downs. For some people, it’s just smoke and mirrors and they only show the good things and “Oh, everything is great and I’m happy all the time”.

Chris: Right.

Danielle: “I’m this person all the time”. But that’s not what it really is and you need to know that upfront that it’s not always going to be pretty.

Chris: Oh yeah. Those are wannapreneurs, people that do that. If anybody is showing you just the highlight reel and that everything is perfect, they’re just [inaudible].  And most times they’re just selling you something that they didn’t do to get where they are now.

Danielle: Right.

Chris: So, definitely look out for that. But yeah, you touched on it. Being a true entrepreneur is about taking risks, making sacrifices, learning new things and always staying ahead of the game. We’ve got to being entrepreneurs.

Danielle: Right. Well, awesome. Would you share with the audience how they can get their hands on your book and also how they can reach out to you for any of your services and your website and social media.

Chris: Yeah, you can get the book. Just go to Amazon and just type of 180 Effect and it’ll pop up. You can even Google the 180 Effect and the whole first page is just stuff about my book. Christopher Ray Coleman on IG and Just really anywhere you can find me.

Twitter, like I love Twitter, engaging and I’m a writer so just writing stuff, @doublec180 at Twitter. And yeah, if you want to hit me up about corporate wellness or really anything to do with entrepreneurship with any kind of consulting or training, you can find me mainly at https://healthiswealthnation.com. And my email is chris@healthisweathnation.com. Just shoot me an email and we can get the conversation started.

Danielle: Cool. Cool beans. So, thank you so much for stepping into Dreamer’s Den with us today. I really enjoyed engaging with you and you put out some very helpful information for the audience. So, if you have any questions for me or for Chris, there is a voicemail button that you can tap on this podcast and speak about your question or your comment and we’ll get back to you. But other than that, I hope you enjoyed this podcast. You can also find me on social media at @1danielletowner. And other than that, as I always say “dream until your dream comes true”.

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