How to Execute your Daily Business Planning Like a Boss

How to Execute your Daily Business Planning Like a Boss

Do you know what it feels like to wake up and have your daily activities mapped out from start to finish? Or are your plans just as scattered as the sticky notes you use to keep up with them?

Even if you have your whole life planned to a tee on your Trello Board, you need a go-to manual and a hard copy backup.

Our next podcast guest, Ashley Crenshaw, will tell you all about the benefits of planning and the one planning tool you shouldn’t run your business without.

Get ready to be in the know about:

  • How entrepreneurs can use planning to stay organized and productive.
  • The benefits of using a physical business planner in the digital age.
  • How a newbie can get started on the path to planning.

Ashley is CEO of Boss Made Planners, LLC, a YouTuber, and an avid planner. She also has a Business Management degree from the University of South Alabama.

Ashley loves connecting with fellow #plannerbaes, so find her on social media at the links below:

Danielle Towner | Entrepreneur + Digital Creative Resources

How to Execute your Daily Planning Like a Boss

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